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SNIASR through its skilled and experienced personnel from the Ayurveda fraternity is conducting research projects to meet the global challenges of the health care through Ayurveda. According to the WHO, the major threat to the health status of developed and developing countries are alarming incidence of NCD’s (Non Communicable diseases). Ayurveda – a comprehensive knowledge of healthy living which has served the millions through its natural and holistic healing methods can play a major role in this scenario. The institute has launched a project Life style Management through Ayurveda to combat this alarming situation. In association with this SNIASR has conducted a national seminar on.

As an outcome of this seminar two research projects. A clinical trial and a protocol development are presently being carried out by the institute.


The faculty of Ayurveda in our college is considered as one of the best in whole of Kerala. The senior faculty members are all retired professors from the Government Ayurveda colleges and are the best teachers in Ayurveda .We are also proud to announce that under their leadership and guidance the next generation teachers gaining the threshold of Ayurveda culture, of the top most order, when they are working with them.

Each department is provided with separate library with a collection of books authored by eminent Ayurvedic scholars. Regular reviews and intimation of the latest development to the concerned department are part of this program. The qualified and talented doctors desiring to go for higher studies are encouraged and offered easy terms for their studies. They are offered facilities for publication of papers and books in Ayurveda and those are encouraged .Seminars are conducted at times at the initiative of teachers, in order to encourage students and faculty members deeper interaction and transfer of ideas. The staff members are deputed for seminars conducted in and outside Kerala on subjects of importance.

Regular assessments of performance of junior doctors are considered for their higher grades. It is our desire to seek their best performance by imparting and equipping them with deeper knowledge on the subject so that they will be capable of giving quality education for the students they teach.

Journal club meetings are conducted every month. On rotation departments present the latest happenings in their specialty as given in their journals so that others also can update their knowledge.


It has been our established aim and vision to equip our students to be the future torch bearers of modern Ayurveda. Our efforts from the very beginning of the society and college were to enlighten these aspects and adopt methods to empower our students to achieve these. For achieving this not only a quality education in the system of Ayurveda but being the science of humanity , knowledge on behavior patterns and anatomical importance of body and a larger perspective outlook to encourage learning for development of Ayurveda are additional quality requirement.

We are caring very much to make available extra training on these subjects. Expert trainers in the field of psychology are regularly interacting with our students to take classes on behavior science and induce the awareness on importance of empathy to the patients while attending them.

Our members who are in the medical field are regularly interacting with the students to improve their knowledge on anatomical importance of body and its functions, supplement important information’s regarding ailments, their related problems faced in the health care field etc. The aim of this venture is to sharpen their ability in assessing the disease, improving the confidence in dealing a patient and imparting proper treatment in their carrier. Computer literacy and there by exposure to the latest developments in the healthcare field are important to the students intending to attain higher standards in Ayurveda. We, with the help of outside faculty, train our students on computer operation and make available sufficient computers at their disposal for use.

We also arrange facilities to attach those interested in research work and to participate in the medicine manufacturing process. Our aim is to create a conducive atmosphere for the students to get a better learning opportunity and develop their personality so as to move ahead with confidence to serve the society.
Final year students are attached to a modern allopathic hospital in Kollam for a month to get exposure to management of cases in specialties like general surgery, orthopedics obstetrics and gynecology.

Clinical meetings are conducted fort nighty. Members of faculty, house surgeons and final year students attend this. Occasionally physicians from outside are invited to give presentations to our doctors and students.
The institute is imparting a comprehensive training method to increase the clinical skill and confidence of students in managing clinical conditions through standardized Ayurveda management protocols. To aid this an innovative platform – CLINICAL CLUB is formed in the institute where active scientific discussions and case presentations are carried out every fortnight participating eminent personalities of Ayurveda all over from Kerala.


Sree Narayana Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and Research, Pangod, Puthoor has two NSS units which have been implementing voluntary service in different areas. Dr. G. Sahadevan and Smt. Maniamma Ramji are the program officers. Total strength of NSS volunteers is 200 in two units. Every year we are adopting a village where services are rentered with the coperation of local gramapanchayath. Free Ayurveda Medical camp, Medical survey. Plantation of medicinal plants, supplying medicine for prevention of disease and awareness programs are conducted.
Every year we conduct a special camp for 07 or 10 days. In these camps we arrange so many activities such as awareness classes, Debates, Lecturer classes on various subject for the all-round development of students especially their individuality. Our students have volunteered to donate their eyes and their willingness submitted to the concerned authorities. Every year we donate blood voluntarily to the Taluk Hospital as well as District hospitals. We have arranged classes on communicative English, Sanskrit and Yoga.
Every year our volunteers will visit Gandhi Bhavan, Pathanapuram an aboard of destitute elders. This can create empathy for the elders and induce in their minds social commitment. The members of the NSS took care and attended the patients at Gandhibhavan and guided the needy to attend our hospital for free treatment. Seedlings of medicinal plants supplied by the Forest Department are planted in the campus.
Regular check up and blood group determination identifying cancer patient are conducted by the NSS groups in the adopted village and hospital by giving wide publicity.
Regularly promote NSS volunteers to attend leadership camps, quiz competition, debates and seminars. Some of the NSS volunteers have attended international camps in Delhi and Madras.
We get the coperation of the Panchayat also. This year our NSS volunteers have participated in cleaning the roads of Puthur and nearby places. We have participated in the TB eradication program organized by Edavattom Panchayath and our efforts were well accepted by them.