Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort

Sree Narayana Health Care Society was established with an aim of making phenomenal contributions to Medical care and Tourism as a part of it we have established our latest venture, “Ayur Mithra Eco Wellness Resort”. Ayur Mithra is an eco – friendly wellness resort focusing on providing healthy and natural environment to visitors thus making their stay here memorable and rejuvenating. Eco-friendly cottages of international standards, attractive swimming pool, restaurants providing traditionally prepared tasty food enriched with nutrients, Ayurvedic spa enabled with equipment for traditional, natural and healthy medical treatments, etc. makes Our resort exceptional and phenomenal. Maintaining tradition and modernism hand in hand, accepting modernization as a quintessential change, knowing the interrelationship between nature and human, taking a progressive approach in the traditional health care, Sree Narayana Health Care Society is making significant innovations and developments in the field of medical care, profession, education and tourism.

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Cuisine Philosophy

Our wellness cuisine is primarily based on human body’s capacity to heal itself. To make this possible, we’ve to care for what we consume. At Ayurmithra, we have spent years in perfecting the set of culinary fashions that can please your senses, quench your hunger and still enhance the natural healing process. This has been made possible with a clear blend of the authentic Kerala cuisine and insights from Ayurveda. When you have something from Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort, you can be sure of the quality, how eco – friendly the whole process has been and the positive impact the food has on your body or, Positive food, if you will.

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The place where you have your food matters as much as the food itself. So, Ayurmithra Eco Wellness Resort has created a restaurant environment that is inherently positive and brings the best of our wellness cuisines. Our restaurants are equipped to offer you culinary experiences from various cuisines across the world along with Ayurmithra’s own Wellness Cuisine. We aim to become one of the best places to have authentic Kerala and wellness cuisine food in Kollam, always ensuring the best quality on the way. When you are done with an amazing Yoga session or an Ayurvedic therapy, Ayurmithra restaurants are the best place to run towards. We employ the best hospitality philosophy to ensure the smoothest service experience you can ever have.